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Workstation Accessories

Making sure you have every single thing you need is hard. Once the bulk of a project is completed, it's easy to be "done with it". That sense of accomplishment is nice, right? Sometimes, however, there are a few odds and ends that can make the end result even better.

Here are a few office accessories for accelerating the pace of work space performance.
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ofs_627cs.jpgErgonomic Monitor Arms

Reducing the potential eye strain is a major consideration for cultivating an ergonomic workstation - correct positioning of a computer monitor, especially during prolonged use, has great potential to benefit employees' productivity and promote wellness. Optimize the ergonomics in your office with up to four LCD monitors per workstation. Monitor arms mount to any work surface up to 2.73" thick, and are rated to hold monitors measuring up to 27" and weighing up to 13lbs per arm.

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whiteboard2-638271-edited.jpgMobile & Wall-Mounted Whiteboards

One of the hardest things in the modern workplace is finding enough space to conduct an effective meeting. While we can't necessarily find you a place to get out of earshot, these white boards will increase the functional area of your meeting space. Options for 360˚ rotating, mobile, magnetic, glass & other whiteboard styles available for finding the optimal solution to your brainstorming needs.

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esr_sit_or_stand_mat-alt7.jpgErgonomic Desk Mats

You work hard. You deserve support throughout your day - especially at your workstation. These desk mats combine the best of both worlds. The chair mat will protect hard-surface flooring and low-pile carpet from inevitable workstation wear. For the sit-stand worker, the folding section flips back to provide extra padding while you transition to standing work. An ideal augmentation to the inherent ergonomics in standing desk stations.

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