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Urban Loft Bar Tables

Real wood in the workplace serves quite a few purposes. The warmth and appearance of wood furniture has seen resonance with multiple generations, essential to a attracting diverse workforce. It has also been shown to lessen stress reactivity of workspace occupants. Check out these wooden bar tables for your break room or collaboration space!


Julep Café Chairs

There are two prominent workplace trends surrounding office furniture and the "built environment" - the need for flexibility, and the desire to promote collaboration. Creating a space that invites and accommodates is important. These stacking café chairs are an ideal way to create a comfortable space that can be easily reconfigured for a degree of flexibilty. 80% recycled material, fiberglass-reinforced, with a little bit of bounce in the back.


Bentwood Café Stools

Another option for the office café setting - a sleeker, more minimal seating choice for areas that need plentiful space as well as visual accessibility. Slim design allows light and lines of sight to pass through, but doesn't lack any support. Check out these bentwood café stools and contemporary break room tables for your office's social settings!

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