Ergonomic Task Chair Idea Starters

task-chair-buying-guide-fabric-01High End Ergonomic Chairs

Top of the line innovation in ergonomics for those looking to make an investment in the output of their workspace. We've curated a selection of ergonomic chairs from three cutting-edge manufacturers in the science of people at work: Trendway, Alera and Interstuhl.

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Vault2_1536x1024Mid-Range Ergonomic Chairs

Highly customizable form, features and function in this selection of ergonomic chairs. We've put together options from two top manufacturers of seating for today's workplace: Compel and 9to5. Great options for established businesses that need to update or entrepreneurs looking to get a head start on a highly effective workspace.

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task-chair-buying-guide-fabric-02Economy Ergonomic Chairs

Cost-effective options that help balance budget, form and function. We've put together some of our most popular items from our quickest-shipping distributors of economy task chairs. Find solutions to accommodate growing businesses and tight timelines.

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