Modern Reception Desk Idea Starters

Influencing people's perception of your brand through a well thought-out workplace strategy begins with their entry to your work space. Reception area design is a carte blanche opportunity to design visitors' experience from the get-go.We've crowdsourced a few client favorites to present you with ideas for modern reception desks.

55313-WHITE_112-326778-edited.jpgCurved Reception Desk

Especially popular in retail, hospitality & entertainment, a curved reception desk is ideal for any industry. Round reception desks available from single-person to five-person circular reception counters, with expandable options and ADA reception counter.. Accommodate a high volume of visitors while avoiding a line forming.  

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960x595_logiflex2013-rec-mbrace-c01-2.jpgContemporary Front Desk Counter

Showcasing your aesthetic sensibilities won't hurt a visitor's first impression. Branding customer experience is key, and the traditional front desk counter had some upgrades to help you do so. Available in rectangular or L-shape configuration, the base and reception counter can contrast with components available in 100+ laminate finishes. If earth tones aren't the direction you're headed, outfit the front with brandable, backlit plexi for a custom reception desk feel without the bespoke pricing. Instantly communicate a lasting tone that affirms the crucial decision of any prospective client: "Yeah, this is who we're working with."
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modular-reception-desk.jpgModular Reception Desk

With laminate tiles reaching to the floor and laminate tiles reaching to the ceiling, the design possibilities are endless with modular reception desks. While very pleasing aesthetically, these workstations are designed with more than "wow" factor in mind. Modular systems allow for cultivating cohesive, integrated workspaces that unify your customers' and employees' experience with the brand.
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