Modular Office Walls Idea Starters

modular-office-walls-02.pngTrendWall | Modular Walls

New construction projects represent a large capital investment. Drywall is a single-use product, and affords little to no tax incentives for the owner. Compared to traditional drywall construction, modular office walls can help achieve a higher ROI with your workplace. Trendwall's unitized panels can be easily moved and re-used as your needs change, with minimal impact to ceilings and floors. Beyond performance, price and versatility, Trendwall may also save you tax dollars — modular office walls are classified as “tangible property” under "Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment", which can be depreciated over just 7 years versus 39 years for traditional drywall. Trendwall keeps adding value over the years to come.

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modular-office-walls-01.pngVoloWall | Movable Walls

Design a space to reflect your brand, your preferences and your unique needs — Volo offers almost unlimited freedom to create. Use the extensive color and material options to tailor your vision. Glass, laminate, veneer, tempered and decorative glazing, writable and magnetic-friendly surfaces can be applied in endless combinations, to both sides of a panel. A well designed workplace offers people a variety of spaces to choose from to collaborate, socialize, work solo and enjoy quiet time. Volo can create spaces with a range of visual and acoustic privacy to suit everybody’s needs. Choose from completely transparent to fully opaque, from full glass panels to clerestory illumination. And when people need places to get away, Volo can create quiet zones that rival drywall.

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modular-office-walls-03.pngClearWall | Glass Walls

ClearWall is a sleek floor-to-ceiling movable wall solution that blends high-end aesthetics with high functionality. The system divides and defines space beautifully, with a pure flow of frameless 1/2" tempered glass and transparent corners that complement any architectural setting. It also supports modular power and data, or can be hard-wired in the field. ClearWall has the ability to complement any architectural interior. Attention to detail is evident in the crisp lines, precise reveals, fit and finish. The system has the flexibility to accommodate a full range of site wall and floor conditions for beautiful integration with any built environment.

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