Open Office Idea Starters

ISR PLT ELEMENT_PL CLASSIC_preview.jpgElements Workstations

Sourced from one of our strongest dealer relationships, the Elements system affords busineses a very cost-effective opportunity to cultivate a cohesive work environment. A variety of modular work surfaces & storage implements make accommodating unique workspaces simpler. A standard swatch of contemporary finishes and fabrics integrate well with existing work environments, and can be used to leverage branding. Click here to learn more about cultivating an effective open plan design with the Elements System!

hubG.jpgSystem II by Friant®

System II is an excellent middle ground in terms of workstations. Moving up a price tier affords a choice of over 20 finishes & fabrics in highly customizable configurations, for both panels and worksurfaces. System II's simple, durable construction allows for rapid reconfiguration when accommodating growth. In addition, System II's sustainable component construction can qualify your work environment for points toward a LEED certification. Click here to learn more about implementing a flexible open office design with System II!

Capture-set-1-channel-glass-450.jpgCapture by Trendway®

The Capture system by Trendway® allows for full customization of high-end workspaces. Find solutions for a variety of spaces within your open office to accommodate users' varied work styles. Intuitive accessories and endlessly customizable configurations help organizations balance both collaboration & concentration. Over 200 laminate finishes and fabrics of can be leveraged to appeal to any aesthetic sensibility. Finally, Trendway® products are certified for air quality, zero waste-to-landfill, and LEED certification points.

Click here to learn how the Capture system by Trendway® can help promote wellbeing in & an ROI on the built environment!

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