Training Room Accessories Idea Starters

wall-mounted-glass-whiteboards-06Wall Mounted Whiteboards

Wall Mounted Whiteboards are ideal for presentations in the training room. Designed with durability in mind, this whiteboard will easily mount onto drywall. Features a magnetic surface and cleans easily for new presentations again and again.

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mobile-lectern-1Podiums and Lecterns

Perfect for speakers and lecturers, these podiums allow the presenter to convey information in a professional and efficient manor. Featuring wheels and adjustable height mechanism, lecterns provide versatility in the training room.

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whiteboards-conference-furniture3Reversible Whiteboards

Reversible whiteboards provide enough surface area to allow twice the amount of writing space as compared to traditional whiteboards.  This whiteboard provides 360° rotation for easy function and quick reconfiguration.

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pr1-san-9551wcblkMobile Storage Cabinet 

Satisfy your storage and reconfiguration needs with a dynamic mobile storage cabinet. Come with adjustable high-grade steel shelves and heavy duty locking casters.

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mobile-whiteboards-01-1Mobile Whiteboards

Mobile whiteboards are durable and lightweight making reconfiguration in the training room simple and efficient. Twice the amount of writing space as wall mounted, with optional ganging hardware for static configurations.

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